Director of Public Relations

Josh Reef is the Director of Public Relations for Hurwitz James Company. He is a dynamic individual offering skills in marketing, communication, leadership, and negotiation. Providing an extensive background in representing Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Professional Athletes, Business Executives, CEO’s, and the like. He is passionate about implementing marketing strategies for Hurwitz James Company listings to the most affluent individuals in the global marketplace.

Most recent marketing strategies include featured appearances on national television shows such as NBC’s Open House, Qatar Tv’s Travel channel, Australian TV’s Behind the Gates, hosting private luxury events exposing trophy listings, & executively producing short cinematic films.

In addition to providing effective branding and marketing campaigns for Hurwitz James Company, he is highly skilled and trained in negotiating and seamlessly closing multi-million dollar residential luxury estate transactions and hotels. Combining honesty, integrity and a knowledge of the most recent technological updates gives Reef’s clients an edge over the competition.

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  • Tel: (310) 728-9228